MapEd v0.98 Main Feature List

Multiple layers with support for in-editor parallax.
Each layer can be a different size and be resized at any time.
Per layer transparency, locking, and hide/show
Multiple tile pages can be loaded at once. With duplicate tiles being stripped at export time.
Copy and paste from any layer to any layer in the main map window.
Multiple levels of zoom for both the map workspace and the tile viewer.
Simple flood fill.
Tiling paint brush ability.
Collision layers and Flag painting.
New v0.95 Import Layer from .bmp.
New v0.95 Layer flip/shift/clone
New v0.96 .H Export Customizer.
New v0.97 Undo support.
New v0.97 Export Layer to .BMP.
New v0.97 PCX and 16 colour .BMP support.
New v0.98 Updated User Interface.
Coming soon Object placement tools.
Coming soon Detail Brush Mode.

Minimum System Requirements

Pentium III 500mHz, 64MB ram
Windows 98, XP, 2000
32 MB, fully OpenGL compliant video card, GeForce 1 (or equivalent) or better recommended
3 Button Mouse

MapEd is free for non-commercial use, though, if you are using MapEd and like the tool, perhaps consider making a voluntary donation?
Note: Making a donation is not a replacement for acquiring a proper license for commercial usage.

Download v0.98.5 (185k)
v0.98.5 Uploaded Nov. 14, 2003

Download unsupported v0.99 (175k)
v0.99 Uploaded June 3, 2004

MapEd QuickStart Walk-Thru (47k / .rtf)

* Some tilesets for use with MapEd. These are free to use for non-commercial projects! (175k / .zip)
Uploaded May 3, 2005

* A GBA game constructed using MapEd and the above tilesets! (1.2Mb / .zip)
Uploaded May 3, 2005